This Little old boat was located in an old automobile salvage. It
was wedged into the back of an old chevy van.  It had a 2hp electric
motor vertically mounted in the bow. The gear case and propeller
protected by big iron cage. After the old elect motor was removed,
and glassed in all the mounting holes. We added a
little paint, installed a concealed, rear mounted 30lb thrust,
electronic controlled trolling motor. The 5 speed electronic
controller was mounted left of the steering wheel like any other
runabout.  All the hardware, horn, bow and stern lights included
come off old boats from the 50s & 60s. The old windshield polished
up like a new one. It is now the " Princess of the Pond " at a
luxurious lakeside neighborhood home being enjoyed daily by
the grandchildren, when the Grandparents get out of it.
"OleRed" and "The Fox"